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As of October, 2016, Embarcadero is offering a free release of Delphi (Delphi 10.1 Berlin Starter Edition ).     There are a few restrictions, but it is a welcome step toward making more programmers aware of the joys of Delphi.  They do say "Offer may be withdrawn at any time", so don't delay if you want to check it out.  Please use the feedback link to let me know if the link stops working.


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Mensa Daily Puzzlers

For over 15 years Mensa Page-A-Day calendars have provided several puzzles a year for my programming pleasure.  Coding "solvers" is most fun, but many programs also allow user solving, convenient for "fill in the blanks" type.  Below are Amazon  links to the two most recent years.

Mensa 365 Puzzlers  Calendar 2017

Mensa 365 Puzzlers Calendar 2018

(Hint: If you can wait, current year calendars are usually on sale in January.)


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Below is and index of available math topics - mostly relating to problems solved while writing programs.  

There are a number of entries in the Programs section which should probably be moved to or at least indexed from  Math Topics.   Permutations, Big Integer Arithmetic, Pi calculation,  Primes, Genaille's Rods, etc.  come to mind.

One of these days....


Index of Math Topics

Math Topics
"Biltmore" Mathematics
"Special" 5x5 Magic Squares
3D Lab
50 Hard Probability Problems
A "Magic" Sequence
Abundant Numbers
Big Combos & Permutations
Big Floating Point
Big Integers
Binary Card Trick
Brute Force
Brute Force
Buffon's Needles
Cannon Balls
Car Talk Shootout Puzzler
Card Probability Question
Catalan Numbers
Challenging Math Teasers
Chi Squared Random # Testing
Circle Covering Points
Circle from 3 points
Circular Reasoning
Clock Angles
Coin Flip Run Lengths
Computational Geometry
Cutting Stock
Decimal to Fraction Converter
Dice - Chance of 5 Twos
Dice Probabilities
Dice Probabilities - Craps
Digits Sum To 3
Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm
Euclid and the GCD
Euler's Sum Powers Conjecture
Fibonacci Sunflowers
Genaille's Rods
Graph Searching
Graph Searching
Integer Partition Test
Integer Partition Test
Interesting 2013
Intersecting Circle Centers
Intersecting Circles
Intersecting lines algorithm
Lat-Long Distance Estimates
Lat-Long Distance Estimates
Linear Equations, Solving - Gaussian
Linear Least Squares
Log Sawing Patterns
Maths Challenge
Mercator Projection Demo
Minimal Spanning Trees
Monge's Circle Theorem
Monte Carlo Pi Estimate
Multiple-length Long Division
Multivariate Newton-Raphson
Number of Divisors
Pan Magic Squares
Pell and Continued Fractions
Pi Calc #1
Point From 4 Sensors
Polar-Cartesian Coordinate Conversion
Prime factors #1
Prime Pair Sums 
Prime Sums  
Probability Calculator
Probability Distributions
Proof by contradiction
Random Number Generators
Random Triangles
Ray Intersecting Rectangle
Rectangle Counts
RSA Public Key Demo
Runge-Kutta O.D.E. Algorithm
Scientific Grapher
Set Partitions
Shared Birthdays
Shared Birthdays w/ Leap year Considered
Shuffle test - an experiment
Six of a Kind
Solar Analemma Fundamentals
Solar Position
Spring Mass
Square Wheels & Catenaries
Taylor Series
Triangle from 3 lines
Where's my Shadow?
Wind Triangle
Word Grid
X^4 - X^2





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