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This  is the home page for a "DFF Library" sub-web which contains a number of non-visual units which are used in many programs on the site.  

  Download Current Library (DFFLibV15  


The library came into existence because these units are used in multiple programs posted here on the DelphiForFun website.  Although the units are quite stable, once in a while some correction or enhancement occurs.   When that happens, I was faced with the problem of adding to the changed unit to the zipped source code file of each program that uses that unit and re-uploading the file.    And that meant lots of manual effort in finding and updating them all and the inevitable existence of multiple versions of the same unit.

Mechanics of applying Library to my (your) local system

Under the new system, the source for each "Library" unit is kept in a single folder, (named "DFF_Library" on my system at home) and the folder was added to the list of Libraries searched by Delphi when compiling programs.  Below is a description of how to accomplish this.  (Alternatively, you can add the unzip the DFF library file to your Borland\Delphi\Lib folder which is always searched by Delphi.) 

Extending Delphi's library search list 

From Delphi's main menu, click "Tools", then "Environment Options", then "Library".  Clicking the button on the Libraries line will open a dialog where you can select and add your new library to the list of Libraries searched by Delphi when looking for a unit referenced by a program been compiled.

Mechanics of Downloading

The entire library of unit has been collected in to single zipped file that may be downloaded here.   The download page will identify the current library version and redirect you to that file.  This is so that I do not have to update all library download links each time a new version is posted. 

The original "demo" programs showing the capabilities of each unit  are being relocated from other places on DFF to this sub-web.  The zipped source code file for those programs, as well as any others that use the library units will not contain them.  Instead, a separate link to download the latest Library will be included on each page that uses any unit from the library.   These changes will be implemented over time as programs using library units are updated.  In general, if you see a link to the Library zip file in the download links section of any page, you will need to download the library, if you have not already done so.  If you do not see a link there, either the program  does not use a library unit, or it does, but I haven't updated that page yet.  At least that's the plan.  





Download Current Library (DFFLibV15

Note: The Latitude-Longitude Distance unit was added to the library file with DFFLibV15.  However the Lat-Lon Test program for the unit is not being automatically added to the Index below.   The above link will get you there for now.

Index of Library Demo Programs

A Card Deck (#2)
Big Floating Point
Big Integers
Comboset Test - Combinations & Permutations
Computational Geometry
Graph Searching
Graph Searching
Lat-Long Distance Estimates
TIntList, an Integer List


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