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As of October, 2016, Embarcadero is offering a free release of Delphi (Delphi 10.1 Berlin Starter Edition ).     There are a few restrictions, but it is a welcome step toward making more programmers aware of the joys of Delphi.  They do say "Offer may be withdrawn at any time", so don't delay if you want to check it out.  Please use the feedback link to let me know if the link stops working.


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Mensa Daily Puzzlers

For over 15 years Mensa Page-A-Day calendars have provided several puzzles a year for my programming pleasure.  Coding "solvers" is most fun, but many programs also allow user solving, convenient for "fill in the blanks" type.  Below are Amazon  links to the two most recent years.

Mensa 365 Puzzlers  Calendar 2017

Mensa 365 Puzzlers Calendar 2018

(Hint: If you can wait, current year calendars are usually on sale in January.)


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This utility program was written to assist a developer investigating "Search Engine Optimization", (SEO).  I am not sure why, but counts of 2, 3, and 4 word phrases are apparently significant in the way that search results get ranked.  I would not like  to think that replacing pronouns with a product or topic name would result in more hits.

There are nearly as many phrases of any given length as there are words in any document since every word from the Nth word on forms a new N word phrase.  A large majority of these will not be useful in SEO studies, but the program allows ignoring phrases which only occur one time and also optionally sorts  phrases in alphabetic or descending occurrence order.

There are  "Show" buttons to display phrases and number of occurrences for all groups of 2, 3, or 4 sequential words.    Use the "Load" button to load any file of text for analysis.

The default delimiters marking word separators are listed and  may be modified if necessary. Delimiter changes are retained across file loads, but are not currently retained across program executions.

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Created: August 27, 2012

Modified: May 11, 2018

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