Retrieving Drive and Folder information

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Sooner or later, every programmer wants  to access drive and folder information.  I've had many questions about the techniques, so I  decided to post this demo program.  

 FindFirst and FindNext  functions are used to access folder information .  Windows API functions   GetLogicalDriveStrings and GetDriveType  give us access to drive information.    Their usage is straightforward once you know which functions to use.  

The program will 

bulletList drive letters for specified drive types (I chose to make Fixed, Network and CD-Rom types selectable),
bulletList a random file name from all files on all drives of selected types, and
bulletList the first 100  file names  matching a given file mask.    If you have Delphi version above Standard, you have access to a   MatchesMask function in the Masks unit which  provides a real mask matching test.   It ,might seem that  FindFirst masking would be useful but  recursive  searching of subdirectories makes its use problematic. (We have to search with mask of *,* to ensure that all folders are retuned).   MatchesMask is a cleaner solution.   If you have Delphi Standard, there is commented code to enable a file mask  check which only  searches for files matching *.* or *.xxx extensions.   


You can download the source for DriveDemo here.


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